Increase Security Without Compromise: Security & Anti-Intrusion Glass Solutions

Windows let light in and make spaces feel open and airy – but this usually comes at the price: reduced security. With security and anti-intrusion glass solutions you can rest easy knowing that your building’s occupants **are safe and secure – without sacrificing visibility. …have another level of safety and security without sacrificing visibility.

Breaking the Barriers to Security Glass Installation: Anti-Intrusion Glass For Existing Facilities & New Construction

When under pressure, time is of the essence. Anti-intrusion glass prevents intruders from gaining access to your facilities, keeping your building’s occupants safe. Whether you have an existing facility which needs hardening or are still in the planning phase, our laminated glass composite security solutions can be quickly and easily installed and provide proven resistance against most motivated attackers.

Our Forced Entry Solutions Delivers Proven Protection



12+ Minutes of Intrusion Resistance

Normal glass products offer just seconds of protection against attack. Anti-intrusion glass gives law enforcement valuable time to reach your facility. (you time to reach law enforcement and them time to respond.)


Resists Intrusion After Being Shot

Protection that just won’t quit. Even after being shot multiple times, our anti-intrusion glass keeps attackers out. Significantly slows attackers down.


Scalable Protection

Choose protection that matches your needs. From intrusion resistance to protection against large caliber firearms. To bullet resistant applications against large caliber firearms.

Forced Entry Protection Where It’s Needed Most

Anti-intrusion glass safeguards your facility by dramatically increasing the time needed for an intruder to gain entry – even when facing armed and motivated attackers. In many cases we can use existing frames, allowing for rapid and non-disruptive retrofit installation.

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Classrooms & Educational Facilities

Keeping our children safe is our greatest responsibility. The unobtrusive design will safeguard your students without limiting classroom illumination or visibility.

Impact Resistant Glass for storefronts

Office Buildings

Your employees are your business’s greatest asset. Protect your team from malicious actors without the need for unappealing security screens, shutters, or bars.

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Century Glass Commercial Systems is an experienced vendor for South Carolina and has worked on multiple projects handling the intricacies of installations on government facilities.

Secuirty glass for businesses in South Carolina

Retail Store Fronts

From security glass to protect your inventory against smash-and-grabs to complete forced entry protection, we provide a full range of protective products for retail store fronts.

The Strength Of Our Security Glass Is Easy To See

Retrofit Solution

Unlike most security glass systems which require time consuming and costly frame replacements, our anti-intrusion glass can be efficiently installed into existing frames.


More Time For Law Enforcement to Arrive

Anti-intrusion glass performs when the pressure is on. Our security glass is rated to keep intruders out for 12+ minutes – even after being shot at close range.

Beautiful Designs

Fortify your facility without making it look like a prison. Our laminated security glass options provide protection without metal grates or bars detracting from your visual environment.

Protection Without Compromise

Protection doesn’t mean compromising on energy efficiency. With low-E coatings and inert gas fill available, your security glass will perform as well or better than your existing glass.

Why Work With Century Commercial Glass Systems

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30+ years of Experience

To get the best results from security glass it needs to be installed by an experienced professional. With over three decades of experience, Century Commercial Glass Systems has extensive experience installing new and retrofit security glass solutions.


Locally Owned and Operated

Randy Wright started his first glass business in The Midlands back in 1991. Today we proudly serve the state from two locations, one in Columbia and one in Charleston. We have close relationships with glass suppliers, allowing us to offer our highly competitive pricing.


Fully Licensed and Insured

Century Commercial Glass Systems holds a South Carolina unlimited glass and glazing license. Our technicians are trained and certified on every product and system we install, and we have over 30+ years of experience working with commercial customers throughout the Columbia and Charleston areas.

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